Dodd-Frank, PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, SOC, DFS 500…. the list of alphabet soup goes on. Do you have a clear plan to decipher the maze of both state and federal regulations that seem to be ever growing?

Syzygy 3 has helped our clients navigate their way through the murky waters as these regulations have been released and matured over time. Meeting requirements, understanding how their company needs to adapt to those requirements, and coming up with scalable solutions has been in Syzygy 3’s DNA since our inception.

For those who are not subject to regulations, ensuring your systems are properly protected is just as important. With the ever-evolving technology landscape the ability to assess the threats and properly mitigate, avoid, transfer or accept those risks is critical to a company’s ability to service their customers and continue to succeed.

Penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, multi-layered security network designs, and Virtual Chief Information Security Officer are just a few of the services we offer.

Let our experts answer the questions you have, as well as the questions you should be asking.