Voice & Data Systems Audit

Are your systems as secure as they need to be? Is your IT environment running as efficiently as possible? Do you have the right infrastructure and systems in place to handle growth?

For IT managers, these are not uncommon questions, but they’re not easy ones to answers either, particularly if you have limited time and personnel. So when it comes to your technology environment, we serve as the temp auditors with the sole purpose of getting your most pressing questions answered.

We perform a thorough audit of your voice and data systems, focusing on the optimal use of your current IT systems and how best to prepare for down the road within your budgetary strictures. Our final report visually charts the foreseeable future of your IT infrastructure. We document situations which require your immediate attention, those that will need addressing in 4-12 months, and those that can be comfortably penciled in “for next year.”

Our scope includes, but is not limited to:
    •  Network Configuration
    •  Server Systems
    •  Workstations
    •  PBX Systems
    •  Carrier Services