Technology Space Planning

Space: the forgotten frontier. At least when it comes to properly planning your office space for your technology.

When you look at an empty space (or an architectural drawing), what do you see? We see:

Heat. Hot machines are not happy machines. And if your machines aren’t happy, you won’t be either. We help you develop an HVAC system (small to large) that will ensure your machines stay cool and happy.

Power. Do you know the effects of even minor power surges on your primary technology equipment? We do, and they’re not good.  Properly planned power feeds (primary and backup) will help protect your gear from uneven power feeds and outright outages.

Access. Who has the keys to the technology kingdom? Literally, who can physically access your IT equipment (besides your IT people)? This is a pertinent question for all companies, but especially those that must meet regulatory conditions.

Furniture. We don’t pick it or design it, but we will tell you when it will cause you access issues. Putting a big panel in front of your power and data jacks just means headaches for everyone. Making you aware of that beforehand is part of what we do.

Some other areas in which we can help include:

•    Space reviews. If you’re looking for office space we’ll perform a walk thru to highlight pros and cons based on your needs.
•    Water / fire suppression planning. Water is the enemy of all technology; fire is a close second. How do you suppress the latter without the former? We know the answer.
•    Space design coordination. We make sure the plans for your IT environment are carried out properly and resolve issues when they arise.