Per Webster’s Dictionary...

The word syzygy evolved from Late Latin and Greek words that meant “yoked together.“  Today, syzygy is most commonly known as the perfect geometrical alignment of three or more celestial objects (such as the Sun, Moon, and Earth).  If you were playing Scrabble, syzygy would be worth 21 base points (but you would need at least one blank tile): S=1, Y=4, Z=10, Y=4, G=2, Y=0 (blank tile).

Business, people, and technology – these elements of a company line up about as often as the sun and the eight planets (sorry Pluto) – not frequently. At Syzygy 3, though, we work every day to ensure your business, your users, and your technology work together to deliver on your goals. A consulting and services firm, we provide technology solutions for data and voice systems by listening to you and delivering the best long-term solution for your short-term demands. Our clients get expertise that extends from the local exchange carrier’s central office right to the workstation; it’s rare small- and mid-sized businesses have access to that breadth of knowledge, at a price point that works for their IT budgets.

Based in New York City, Syzygy 3 provides consulting, design/build, and support services to our clients in the tri-state area and across the country. But technology is just part of who we are. We are also business owners, just like you; so we understand and respect the importance of getting the best return on your investments. That’s why we focus our efforts on the technologies that make the most sense for your business.

Our company mantra has always been “smart not greedy.” We believe the best way to build Syzygy 3 is to treat our clients as we want to be treated by our vendors. It’s worked well thus far, so we plan to keep it up.