To Quote…

Syzygy 3 has a dynamic client base. Hedge funds, non-profits, private equity firms, publishers, banks, law firms – all are small- to mid-sized businesses, and each utilizes technology in a different way. This diversity of experience has become our greatest strength.

Regardless of a client’s line of business or reliance on technology, Syzygy 3 focuses on meeting business objectives leveraging the advantages certain technologies provide. It’s our understanding of which technologies will provide the best solutions for a particular environment that has produced such a varied – and loyal – client base.

Here’s a sampling of what our clients have to say about Syzygy 3.

“Syzygy 3 played a major role in quickly moving our multi-site organization from a state of highly limited technology infrastructure and connectivity to a fully inter-connected, server-based operation and has provided reliable and expeditious support ever since.”
– Bideawee

“The speed at which technology is evolving demands dedicated attention and foresight. Syzygy 3 is the perfect cost-effective solution for businesses seeking to build and maintain a viable IT infrastructure. Aside from their name, Syzygy 3 makes sense.”  
– Dome Equities

“Having worked with the Management and Engineering teams at Syzygy 3 over the past three years, I am always amazed at the high degree of personalized support we receive. Partnering with Syzygy 3, is like having a whole team of highly skilled networking engineers on staff. Whether it is troubleshooting QOS issues with our VoIP system, adding additional switching equipment or recommending additional technology, Syzygy 3 has consistently helped improve the quality and speed of our network infrastructure. Additionally, their monitoring services allow us to keep an eye on the health of our network and services without having to increase staffing or install additional hardware and software.”  
– Graphic Systems Group

“Syzygy 3's professional approach and deep experience was critical to my project's success. They seamlessly handled shifts in the project and smoothly adjusted to the changes from the client as well as suppliers. As we were breaking new ground for a niche player in a shifting industry, Syzygy 3's ability to maintain high standards but stay flexible was critical to our success.”  
– Making Change Productions

“We were babes in the woods IT-wise. Syzygy 3 took over the reins and painlessly created a great system which we’ve never had to give a second thought. They have become our trusted adviser on our technology needs and ideas and we rely heavily on their diligent support. We strongly recommend them to our own clients.”  
– Wasser & Russ, LLP

“As a nonprofit organization, Syzygy 3 works with us to find solutions to our IT needs that are cost effective. We also find the team at Syzygy 3 to be highly responsive, knowledgeable, and able to communicate about IT issues in a way that we can understand.  And on top of it all, they’re funny guys.”  
– Elton John AIDS Foundation

“We are not a technology company, so we put all our trust in Syzygy 3 for our relocation. They didn’t let us down.”  
– World TeamTennis

“Syzygy 3’s wide range of technology skills and experience has allowed us to implement solutions we could have never done on our own. They’ve significantly improved our ability to conduct business.”  
– ABG Print