Network Design/Implementation

Think of your network as a highway, but not an open highway.  It’s a toll road accessible only to drivers who have the bona fides to drive there.  Certain basic components enable your business to secure this network road for the qualified drivers and keep it running smoothly: direction signs (router); traffic cop (firewall), and toll booth (switch).  We utilize these components to build you an efficient and secure network road.

We have designed and deployed network infrastructures for Fortune 1000 firms and startups. Our experience ensures your infrastructure will meet your networking requirements. We can perform any of the following:

    •  Network Analysis / Design Review
    •  LAN / WLAN / WAN / MAN
    •  Performance Tuning / QoS configuration
    •  Firewall / IDS Systems Deployment
    •  VPN implementations
    •  IP Telephony Integration
    •  High Availability / Redundancy
    •  Network Management Solutions