Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

A disaster can come in many forms. You reboot your machine and then nothing. Dead air and a blank screen. Or the electric company cuts the wrong cable while tearing up the street, and just like that, no emails, Internet, or phone calls.  

These qualify as disasters because they disrupt your business severely. And in a heartbeat.  

When disasters happen to big business, 5-10% of users might be affected.  When you’re a smaller company, those numbers tend to be more pronouced. A failed server could affect your entire business; 100% of your users. In extreme cases, an outage puts businesses out of business.

Recent events have demonstrated the futility of developing a disaster recovery plan after the fact. That’s why planning today for tomorrow’s potentially harmful events has become standard operating procedure. With the right plan, you can reduce an outage from days to hours or minutes.

Our planning considers as many realistic scenarios as your budget can support.  We don’t dream up the improbable possibilities – we take reasonable vulnerabilities and weigh potential impacts against implementation costs. Simple cost-benefit analysis.  Your requirements determine the budget, which puts you fully in control of any solution.

Potential solutions include:
•    Safeguarding key data
•    Co-location housing plan
•    Cloud solutions (private / public / hybrid)
•    Building of a primary/backup site
•    Hot/Warm/Cold Seats
•    Voice Solutions/Alternatives
•    Connectivity Solutions/Alternatives

For all their foibles. Verizon does do a lot of things right, including the Business Continuity White Paper below.  Give that a read, and if you still have questions about how to make your business more resilient (within a budget), call us at 646.442.1490 or drop an email to info@syzygy3.com.