Syzygy 3 Data Vault

Online data backup is one of the most mature cloud technologies. There are more services out there than we could ever hope to identify. That said, it doesn’t mean the service isn’t of value and beneficial to your business; you just have to know which ones will meet your requirements.

Syzygy 3 Data Vault was built to offer straight online data backup at a reasonable monthly cost. There are other services out there – some that we recommend – that will backup almost anything (virtual servers, Exchange databases, etc.). Those tools can be worth the cost if you need those advanced features. But for those companies who just want to protect their data, there’s Data Vault.

Using the latest encryption technology, your data is secured even before it leaves your premises. Once on our servers only you have the encryption key to unlock the data. That data is also replicated to a second data center for additional redundancy.

Download the PDF below to learn more about the service, or contact us / 646.442.1490.