Cloud is the hottest word since...

Internet. The early 1990’s was a transformational time in human history (and technology). The Internet (or World Wide Web) gained wide-spread acceptance around the globe and it has been history- making ever since. We’re in a similar epoch, except the word on everyone’s lips is Cloud.

But like the early Internet, Cloud is a nebulous term that many are still struggling to define or identify its benefits. Syzygy 3 long ago (pat on the back) saw the evolution of cloud services and we have built an expertise to ensure our clients take full advantage of all the emerging cloud technologies. The intended goal is to create a more efficient and productive IT infrastructure at a lower cost (when possible).

The cloud isn’t for every aspect of your IT, but invariably there is a hosted service that will benefit your business, such as:

•    Hosted Email
•    Disaster Recovery (online data backup)
•    Business Continuity
•    Hosted Voice Services
•    Security Services
•    CRM/Accounting/ERP Systems

Syzygy 3 is here to help you delineate marketing hype from reality, weigh the pros and cons, and vet cloud vendors so that you select the service right for you.  We're always ready to talk through what works and doesn't for your business.  To arrange an initial consultation, drop a note to or give us a call at 646.442.1490.