Syzygy 3 Business Continuity Cloud

Every business, regardless of industry, now runs on technology.  You rely on data, communications, and processing to generate revenue, reduce costs, and maintain customer satisfaction.  You do all this through your technology infrastructure, and this growing reliance means outages - even the briefest - can have negative consequences to your bottom line.

But protecting your IT environment, and ensuring its availability through any circumstance, can be a costly and complicated proposition.  In fact, until the maturation of cloud offerings, a solid business continuity solution didn't really exist for small- and mid-sized businesses.  Well, times they are a changing... introducting the Syzygy 3 Business Continuity Cloud (BCC) service.

This hybrid onsite/cloud solution is designed to give you and your fellow SMB's the type of infrastructure that will enable you to recover locally or in the cloud should anything disrupt your primary IT systems.  Virtually every server system you run in-house can be accessed through the Syzygy 3 BCC onsite device, or we can provide sercure access to those systems via our cloud presence.

Best of all, you don't maintain any of the BCC infrastructure.  Syzygy 3 installs, configures, and maintains all elements of the service and will be there should you need local or cloud turn-up.  It's a Fortune 1000 solution at an SMB price point.

Download the PDF data sheet below to learn more, or contact us / 646.442.1490.