May 14, 2015

Can a robot replace you? Maybe not you the person, but you the employee/worker/professional?  Hate to break it to you, but what used to be a blue-collar phenomenon of robots replacing humans on the assembly line has now crossed over to white-collar jobs as well.  (Just check out our recent Tweets from @Syzygy3.)

May 07, 2015

The Cloud.  Everyone’s talking about it; it seems everyone is using it (data storage, email, music, file sharing, etc.).  Cloud is about as hot as you can get in technology, but there is still one question prospects/clients ask us more than any other: Can I trust the Cloud with my business?

We wouldn’t be writing this entry if we didn’t think you could, and here are three reasons why:

April 30, 2015

Email has become the primary communication tool of business. Telephone calls, in-person meetings, so 20th Century. Email is fast, inexpensive, incredibly simple to execute.

And now there are new social tools businesses are using to communicate.  Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.  These, too, spread the written word at near-light speed.

April 23, 2015

Gremlins really exist in technology. Can almost guarantee you’ve been a casualty of their chaos. You leave work for lunch, fresh air, or to go home, and upon your return you find something amiss with your technology.  Nothing looks different, but it’s just not working.  Sound familiar? Given how much your business depends on technology nowadays, any disruption to your IT is inopportune, frustrating, and let’s be honest, scary.  But guess what, your issue may be just a little hiccup and not a full-fledged disaster.

April 16, 2015

Technology is now a fact of life. You encounter it all day, every day, both at home and at work (and for many of us, there is little differentiation now).  While technology at home offers many conveniences, a good bit of it is not required to maintain your lifestyle; business is a much different story.  Technology is a must to remain relevant, connected, and thriving in the modern business world.

Here are three reasons how technology keeps your business going.

April 09, 2015

-- 12345
-- password
-- Your pet's/child's/grandchild's name
-- abcde
-- qwerty

The list goes on of the passwords people continue to use online.  (Don't ask us, we tell 'em to change them.  We can only do so much.)

Your passwords don't have to be as blatantly hackable as the ones listed above, but make no mistake about it, it's no longer rocket science to penetrate (true technical term) your password-protected accounts.

March 05, 2015

Ahoy there.  Yes, it's been months since the last time we spoke.  It's put a strain on our relationship, I know this.  But to be fair, it's entirety me, not you.  We've just gotten damn busy, and things must be sacrificed.  While I would love to be one of those folks who can function on 3 hours' sleep a night, I'm not.  Still need (want) at least 6-6.5 hours.  That said, we do enjoy doing this blog, so we're going to be a little more faithful to the postings.

December 18, 2014

Starting today, we're launching a new hashtag through our Twitter & Facebook accounts: #IsThisTheBestWeCanDo.  This will specify an article where we think someone (person, place, thing) is making a push to add credits to the plus side of their balance sheet.  It will also indicate those who are doing the exact opposite - playing to the status quo or stagnating (for whatever reason).  This is a not a political exercise; just a way for us to express our hope that we continue to accept the challenges that we encounter everyday.

August 07, 2014
July 29, 2014

Soapbox time. Having dirty hands from my own wrongs/mistakes, I’m perfectly comfortable yelling from this 18” crate.

First, read the article below (but be sure to come back).

Dear piracy apologists: Downloading unreleased films is not cool