September 17, 2015

Changing gears a bit from the usual Syzygy 3 Blog entry.  Consider this more of a Public Service Announcement than a blog.  Like any PSA, it’s your choice as to whether you heed the message or not, though we suggest you at least take the info below to heart.

Here we go.  Technology is fallible.  We know, it’s a stunning admission.  Many of you may be on a verge of fainting from shock.  For those of you still conscious, read on.

As much as we rely on technology to perform our everyday tasks, the technology itself will always be imperfect.  The coffee machine you program to deliver a fresh brewed cup o’ joe at precisely 7AM.  The geometrically-shaped credit card reader you use to swipe a customer’s card.  The wireless network that keeps your company online and operating at full capacity.  Today, tomorrow, or an unknown date in the future – all of these will fail (some multiple times).

Why?  Well, humans are the builders of this technology.  We will never create a flawless device.  There will always be flaws, bugs, kinks, holes, etc., etc., etc.  This is most especially true when it comes to new technologies or releases.  It’s just not in our capacity to make things perfect.

Watch Star Trek or Star Wars for any amount of time and you’ll see the greatest drama is generated when the technology doesn’t work as expected.  While these are merely science fiction plotlines, they speak to a prophetic truth.  Houston, we have a problem!

For all you Luddites out there, this is not proof of your right-ness.  This is simply a reality check for those who expect your IT to “just work.”  The fact we have grown so impatient when technology doesn’t work speaks to the quality of the devices and services that we – the human race – continues to produce.  That said, recognize that all IT is inherently fallible.  Coming to terms with this will save you a lot of stress and force you to construct your IT to minimize those times when it “just doesn’t work.”