August 13, 2015

It almost – almost – goes without saying that technology moves at a rapid pace.  To paraphrase an old aphorism, the device/machine you buy at the store today is obsolete by the time you get it home.

But is the latest and greatest always the best way to go, especially for your business?  It’s easy to think that if you aren’t downloading or updating with each new release of a technology that you’re becoming obsolete.  But that’s simply not the case.

Here are three quick reasons why you should be patient and bide your time before upgrading to a new technology release. This goes for recent Windows 10 upgrade to the soon-to-come newest iPhone.

To immediately upgrade to the newest system ignores the simple fact that it will take time for devices and other systems to reach optimal compatibility.  Third-party vendors, such as those that may provide your accounting software or customer resource management, will not always put forth the effort to ensure their services run on the newest release.  It takes a lot of time, money, and effort for these vendors to figure out how to get their services running on a new platform.  If they don’t see ready adoption of that new platform, they may wait to issue an update, which could be problematic for your business if you’ve already gone through a platform upgrade.

Bugs, bugs, bugs!
Beta testing can only catch so many errors in the coding of new systems.  (Just look at all the updates notices you get on a daily basis.)  Such is the nature of technology, because not every use can be replicated during testing.  Our philosophy is always to let someone else play guinea pig and sort out issues with a new release.  Getting a new tool and having it break right away is incredibly frustrating.  Why put yourself through that just to say you were first to buy something?

Is it worth it?
Most upgrades or new releases will cost you money, both in directly buying the device/machine/service, and going through the upgrade process.  You must be sure that the latest and greatest is “worth” it.  This is especially true if your current systems/services meet your requirements and are running smoothly.  We perform a standard cost/benefit analysis, and unless there is an overwhelming argument to upgrade, we stay put.  It might be your most prudent move.

We understand the perceived pressure to keep up with the competition, or to have the sexiest device to roll off the assembly line, but it doesn’t always pay to be on the leading edge of technology.  Sometimes your current IT are those comfortable shoes you dare not replace.