August 07, 2014

I am so not OK with this.

Microsoft cyber-tip gets Pa. man arrested on child-porn charges

Google Spotted Explicit Images Of A Child In A Man's Email And Tipped Off The Authorities

Having governments and corporations arbitrate which crimes they deem worthy of snooping will not end with child pornography. This is just the crime both entities figure they will get the least amount of pushback (how can you argue for the rights of a child pornographer?). But that is exactly the reason we should push back. This unfettered snooping will soon be justified to prevent terrorism, Ponzi schemes, theft of intellectual property, murder, infidelity, and just about anything else that can be deemed a crime.

Google: Except For Child Pornography, We Do NOT Snoop Your Email Looking For Crimes

It seems many have decided the Constitution was a nice document for its time, but that technology trumps the Bill of Rights, especially if you’re doing something wrong. I don’t want to live in a “Minority Report” world. History has repeatedly shown that no government or corporation has ever resisted the allure of power.  And the power of technology is virtually unlimited.

I may be yelling into the gale, but I’ll do so until my ability to scream ceases. There is no greater threat to our collective “security” than disavowing our rights to be in charge of our lives without thinking the government and/or corporations are following our every move.

What say you?


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