June 28, 2012

Analyst sees RIM losing 90 percent of workers

There really is no joy in seeing a once-dominant company come unglued, but RIM (Research In Motion - maker of the BlackBerry) demonstrates yet again that you either adapt quickly or die. Technology is a brutal industry in this regards because the barriers to entry continue to drop. There are few walls and a lot of twigs. It truly is amazing the rapidity at which RIM became obsolete.

FULL DISCLOSURE - we've become seriously anti-BlackBerry now. Their platform does not make it easy to work with the phone, and now with all these mobile security apps (granted none are as secure as the BlackBerry network, yet) it's impossible to find a reason you should be using a BlackBerry device (except for the physical keyboard).

What say you?


June 07, 2012

Flame authors force self-destruct

The future of war - in my opinion - is now officially upon us. The Flame malware outbreak is the first clear indication that global conflicts have moved online, and unlike human vs. human war, this battle will be constant, everlasting, and may supersede any other conflict in terms of the harm done and advantages gained. Like all war, though, declaring the winner will take an historian 50 years from now (before that it's all political science as one of my history professors used to say).

The technology utilized by Flame was sophisticated, well thought out (it self-destructed), and collected data before causing damage. The next version will be even better and sneakier. Someone is already at their keyboard writing the fictionalized story of Flame, but making it a lot sexier.

Let the games begin.