March 20, 2012

Today (tonight?) Syzygy 3 launches a new cloud service that we know firsthand will be a great benefit to many small- and mid-sized businesses.

The Syzygy 3 Virtual File Server (S3 VFS) is our effort to bring anywhere/anytime data access to clients, while maintaining the same processes and security permissions currently deployed in your office environment. VFS is configured to work on your PC or Mac, and essentially requires your machine be connected to the Internet.

I could go on, but why be repetitive when you can marvel in the details contained in the S3 VFS Service Overview. Enjoy.


March 19, 2012

The future graduates of Baruch College in NYC don't know the trouble they're about to get into... they've invited me to co-present at their Job$mart event on March 27, 2012. Actually, this will be a good opportunity to scare more of them into becoming entrepreneurs (work for yourself not the faceless conglomerate; so radical).

Baruch runs some great programs to help their students prepare for the realities hiding in plain site outside their campus walls (I'm involved with their MBA mentoring program as well). This is another of those programs, and if you have a student (or are a student) who would like to to hear stories from entrepreneurs who also happened to serve as drones at one time or another, then sign up for the event utilizing the link below. Baruch has been nice enough to open this to the public.

Baruch March Job$mart Event


March 15, 2012

Having just celebrated our 8th birthday, it seemed like a good time to readjust our business model (again). We've been lucky in that we seem to pick just the right time to make adjustments in what we offer our clients, catching a wave that helps carry us higher (or through a major downturn). This isn't a seat-of-the-pants change; we've been working on the new services for the past few months. It's almost time to take them live.

Consider this your inside look at our new services.

Syzygy 3 Data Vault

I know what you're thinking: "Great, another online data storage offering." And you're right, it is, but don't be so dismissive. While we still maintain our partnerships with a few online data backup providers, there was a gap in the coverage (and pricing) offered by our partners. The S3 Data Vault will fill the needs of those companies who fall between the services provided elsewhere. This actually isn't a new service we're offering, we just happen to be going public with the offering and actively promoting it outside our client base. Pricing and service details will be released on Tuesday, March 20, 2012.

Syzygy 3 Virtual File Server

This is without a doubt a new service, but one we expect to be wildly popular (OK, we're hoping it'll be wildly popular). We see this as the final step for small companies (and some mid-sized firms) in the cloud-ification of their IT infrastructure. First there was voice over IP (VoIP), then hosted email, and now a hosted file share that replicates the mapped drive environment users currently experience in the office. While not the first to think of this, we do see VFS as a simplified service that will enable a smooth transition with little to no change in the way users work (always a key with any of our services).

Complete with full support and data backup services, Syzygy 3 Virtual File Server eliminates the need for an in-house server for a good many small companies, and removes the need for remote connections back to the office (VPN, virtual desktop, etc.) in order to access files. Based on initial feedback (from clients we think are ready for the jump), this will fill a growing requirement for small businesses.

Pricing and service details will be announced on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 (busy day for us).

If you're interested in learning more about Data Vault or Virtual File Server, drop a note to and we'll converse.

SCOR (aka, Sean)