February 23, 2012

After 8 years, Syzygy 3 will have a new business location starting tomorrow. Piece of advice to all businesses out there, especially ones doing business in multiple states - DON'T MOVE! What a PITA changing the addresses with everyone (my current count is 73 CoA's). Ah well...


February 10, 2012

A healthy ego is not a bad trait. Ego provides the confidence necessary to succeed in any endeavor. We don't like egotistical people; we respond to confident people. Confidence is developed - to a certain - extent by affirmation. Well, consider this our affirmation post.

We've been telling our clients for the last 18 months that technology is evolving to provide businesses with more functional, cost-effective solutions, and doing so in a cloud environment. We're not all the way there yet, but the road map is perfectly clear (at least to us). While we're not building these solutions ourselves, we have become a resource of choice to assist these firms in planning and migrating their operations to the cloud.

This week, we received some validation that our compass is pointed in the right direction. We're not posting this to brag (OK, maybe a little), but to give you an understanding of how a lot folks see technology evolving. While there are pros and cons to all evolutions, we think these are positive developments.

Want to build a business? You need an IT ecosystem.