January 12, 2012

My better half discovered Facebook during the 2008 baseball playoffs. Back then I thought it was a great distraction for her (even as she loves sports, she can't do a whole game without something else to keep her occupied). It amazes me that in less than four years, that distraction has become the dominant presence on the Internet. The Facebook phenomenon (and power) has created a pseudo-global human consciousness.

Facebook goes beyond social media (though it's lumped into that category). Facebook is a category unto itself, and it's actively searching for new avenues to maintain that exclusivity. If rumors/innuendo pan out, Facebook wants to develop a business-focused offering that would be as ubiquitous as it's individual-user offering is now. If that happens, it will beg the question: will being online require you to have a Facebook profile? (Google+ doesn't rate yet.)

You can see it now - sites offer user either a user registration or the ability to sign-in with your Facebook profile. As a non-Facebook Internet user (we do have a corporate page), I realize I may be part of a dying breed. My reluctance has more to do with privacy and ambivalence (don't want people to know my business, and I'm not overly curious about theirs). Still, the 'net doesn't care about either argument, and it's becoming readily apparent the future may require a Facebook profile. And I for one am not looking forward to that day.

You think the Internet is dangerous now; wait until your life is one login away from being completely exposed.