December 29, 2011

On December 8, 2011, Syzygy 3 hosted a breakfast education seminar entitled "Cloud Services: Reality vs. Hype." Alex Vachon at Cartouche Creations (Cartouche Creations) recorded the session and has broken out the hour into 10 manageable segments. You can find the series on the Syzygy 3 YouTube Channel.



December 01, 2011

It's a competitive world. Data can be the difference between a good quarterly report and a bad one. Understand that entirely and I don't have a problem providing data I submit or to which I provide authorized access. But the story below burns me to no end.

We've already been the secret tracking - which I found underhanded but not necessarily egregious. This though is starting to take things to a new level. I know it's already done from my PC via my IP address, but there's a bit of anonymity to that (not much, just a bit). Doing the same on my cell though is an absolute assignment of my online activities to my identity.

There's a reason I'm not on Facebook (Syzygy 3 is though) or Google+ - not looking to publicize myself to the world. Well the secret tracking of what I do online has that potential and I'm not comfortable with that.

What says you?

Android handsets secretly logging keystrokes, SMS messages?