September 29, 2011

My anxiety is now in playoff mode, especially since we are the hunted yet again. I would like another parade down Broad St.


September 27, 2011

So was on a trip to Alaska this past July/August. One of our stops was the Jeff King Iditarod Kennel. His racing dogs & puppies (so damn cute!) were there and we learned a lot about the race, dogs, and life at the kennel.

While that was interesting, the best part was learning about our guide's fledgling racing kennel. She lived in the "back woods" of an area outside Denali National Park. She and her husband had about 30 dogs and they were renovating an old house on the property. She said they had electricity but no indoor plumbing. They did, however, have wireless high-speed Internet that reached to the outhouse.

That's so awesome... the Internet is now more important than indoor plumbing. Incredible where things are going.

I bring this up to reference this story about Google's push to bring faster and faster Internet access to the masses:

Google to government: Let us build a faster Net