May 19, 2011

If you haven't heard, Sony's Playstation Network was hacked a few weeks ago. The culprits made off with usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, among a myriad of other data (don't think Sony knows the full extent yet). It was one of the most complete data penetrations ever made public.

While Sony's response to the situation can be debated until we all run out of oxygen, what I found most interesting was Sony CEO Howard Stringer's comments yesterday. He rightly said security was a "never-ending process," but he also said he wasn't sure any online service can be "100% secure." At the moment that is entirely true, but is that a defeatist attitude or just a realistic expectation that must be set for those who venture online (I'm more the latter than the former, but I've heard both sides of the argument)?

The best article I found was in the Wall Street Journal (link below, but I have a subscription so the full article may not appear).

Sony CEO Warns of 'Bad New World'

Would be interested to hear feedback on the situation and your take on Stringer's attitude about the online world. What say you reading public?