March 24, 2011

Ever seen the Sprint commercials with their CEO, Dan Hesse? I like them. Mr. Hesse evokes a sense of calm and gravitas. It was smart of Sprint to put him in a campaign that personalizes the company. That said, I wouldn't switch from Verizon to Sprint. From our testing and discussions with Sprint users, Verizon just has a better network. Still, having Sprint in the game is a good thing for consumers.

Despite its flaws, capitalism breeds competition, which forces companies to develop the latest and greatest at continually lower costs to the consumer. Reduce the competition, you reduce the necessity to develop and reduce pricing because consumers have limited options.

Well, that's exactly what I foresee happening in the wireless biz if the AT&T acquisition goes through. Regulators need look no further than Sprint to see that it would be a dead man walking should the field be reduced further. The main crux of the article below (see link) is that the Sprint 4G network may be able to work on LTE, which so happens to be the technology foundation for Verizon's 4G network. Regardless of what Verizon's CEO says, they'd gobble up Sprint in no time.

Where's that leave us? With AT&T and Verizon. And 2 is not better than 4 in this case.

What would AT&T, T-Mobile deal mean for Sprint?

What say you?


March 18, 2011

We're big proponents of utilizing best-in-class tools to deliver the best technology solutions for our clients. This a core value we continue to follow seven years on.

We have quite a few successful partnerships and we highlight these relationships when the opportunity arises. Such as now.

Syzygy 3 Clients Find Reassurance with Backup My Info!

And we mean every word of it.


March 17, 2011

Just so that there is no question, here are my Final Four picks:

East: Ohio St.
West: Connecticut
Southwest: Kansas
Southeast: Wisconsin

Kansas beats Ohio St. 80-76

What say you?


March 08, 2011

Regardless of where Verizon is testing this connection, the news is all good. Speed & capacity are the keys to continued expansion of web-based services/systems, and since that's the direction we see the world going, this is good news.

Now when's it hitting the US?

Verizon launches 100G Ethernet network

But not everyone will be pleased by the speed increase. Netflix recently launched an on-demand only service (no DVD's just streams direct to your PC or TV). Well, studios don't make all that much from Netflix as compared to consumers owning the DVD's. Faster & cheaper Internet connections and on-demand services give consumers more incentive to own less physical media. This is not good news for the folks in Hollywood. I posted a similar story in regards to the Kindle in today's (3.8.11) Syzygy 3 Technology Newsletter.

Netflix spooks Hollywood more than ever