December 13, 2010

Progress waits for no one, especially for IT firms that want to deny a disruptive technology is already widely accepted. Currently, that's the exact scenario surrounding cloud services. 2010 saw the ready embrace of cloud-based computing by small- and mid-sized businesses (the very segments in which Syzygy 3 specializes). We could have buried our heads and denied the shifting sands right beneath our feet; but we tend to be realistic advocates for new technologies that can benefit our clients, regardless of the impact on our bottom line (I know, we're not terribly sane sometimes).

So we've embraced cloud as the next evolution in how SMB's structure their IT environments (really, we've evolved back into the mainframe model, but that's for another time). Syzygy 3 has been a Microsoft partner since our inception, and we have been a customer of their BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite) service for about 18 months now. Almost a dozen of our clients have moved some or all of their in-house technology to the Microsoft online version (with great success).

What is BPOS? It's a lot of things that could be good for your business. Don't believe me? Check for yourself (which is the whole point of this posting anyway).

Syzygy 3 BPOS Programs

It's time your business embraces the cloud services that fit your business needs. While not for everyone, there are numerous aspects of cloud services that can be a benefit to you.


December 01, 2010

WikiLeaks has U.S. scrambling to plug holes

Really, given how much information was pilfered and then published by WikiLeaks, I'm surprised the Social Security Numbers for Obama and the Joint Chiefs weren't included.

The sheer extent of the security breach is alarming. 725,000 documents - a good number designated as Top Secret - were stolen. How do these machines have administrative rights to burn CD's/DVD's or save data to USB drives? Are we really this blase about the integrity of national secrets? This should be a wake up call for DC to actually give more than lip service to securing our national data store.

What I find just as bad is the lack of uproar from the general populace. I mean, I know this doesn't rise to the level of Paris Hilton's Sidekick getting stolen, but come on already. You should be worried about this. Might be your information next published by WikiLeaks.