August 31, 2010

You can now add Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft to the crowded smartphone field (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android). Don't usually like to post editorial reviews, but considering the clamor around the possibility of a Verizon iPhone (not a guarantee), thought it good to do so before you make an impulsive decision (like to switch to AT&T).

What's hot (and not) about Windows Phone 7

An e-mail signature - while it was brought to my Android with the latest update, it's still only visible on new messages, not all. Haven't been thrilled with my phone, but I still have a year to go. Will give the market time to shake itself out.


August 19, 2010

Can't say I disagree with the prosecutors' (federal & local) decisions. Still, slippery slope is on the horizon.

School escapes charges in Webcam spying case


August 16, 2010

Why is it reasoned discourse on a topic gets buried while sky-is-falling diatribes garner attention? Don't give me the "'Jersey Shore' argument." We're better than that. Just worried we've stopped caring.

Now that my fatherly lecture is done, let me demonstrate what I mean:

Debunking the Internet apocalypse

Dozens jeer Google over Net Neutrality