May 27, 2010

If you're a reader of the Syzygy 3 monthly newsletter then you know we've deemed 2010 as the year of privacy. This is an education mission we're mounting to make you aware of the dangers you face every time you're online. While we don't want you to cut your Internet connection entirely, we do want you to be a smarter surfer and not fall into the traps that could result in stolen personal information or an infected machine.

One of the biggest sites on the web - Facebook - has had more public gaffes when it comes to privacy than just about any site, ever. Seems like they have some change in their privacy statement on a daily basis; each one more uncertain than the previous. The conundrum for Facebook is they want your information and be able to sell it, but they also want to "protect" your information at the same time. What to do?

Well, check out what they're going to do through this live update of the Facebook press conference:

Facebook Privacy Simplification


May 06, 2010

You have to hand it to federal government agencies - they don't accept losing. That is a quality trait, but you have to guard against not wanting to lose and wanting to win just to maintain power/position/control. I'm still undecided where the FCC falls after today's document.

Quick refresher for those who didn't read the articles in our Newsletter a couple months ago. The FCC sanctioned Comcast for what the agency terms "net neutrality violations." Comcast appealed the decision and won when a 3-judge appeals court ruled unanimously the FCC has no power to regulate the Internet.

Which brings up to today. Instead of giving you a tiresome preview that will miss salient points, I give you a good CNet Article on the announcement.

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