April 29, 2010

I love this! This is indicative of the malaise Internet users have fallen into that fake antivirus offerings are one of the fastest-growing vehicles for delivering malware. You know we really don't like to lecture in this space, but this article makes me want to wag my finger in peoples' faces and shout, "Get smarter!"

Fake Anti-virus is Real Threat



April 16, 2010

I know, I know; it's been way too long. And I agree. Luckily, we've been busy, so my attention has been diverted elsewhere. But today you get a posting.

This is an update to a story that comes to us from the Lower Merion, PA school district. Harriton High School issued laptops to students, and then some workers at the school used the anti-theft tracking software to spy on students while the students were at home. We commented on the instances in previous blog postings and in March's newsletter; well there have been updates courtesy of a law suit filed by the parents of one of the students.

Lower Merion Lawsuit

We'll do some additional searching to see if there is any other news out there. We'll definitely post the school board's findings from its internal investigations (in a few weeks).


Stay thirsty my friends.