March 18, 2010

Hacker Bricks Cars in Austin, TX

Ah, the more conveniences technology provides us the more susceptible we are to having those conveniences turned against us. Unless you were one of the car owners in this story, the threat might seem remote. Don't kid yourself; you're just as likely to have something like this - or worse - done to you using the technology we now take for granted. Not trying to start a panic, just educate.

We may be screaming into the a hurricane right now, but that will not deter us (the British didn't deter Paul Revere). Technology is an incredible tool and has done almost as much as evolution to advance mankind (though some will debate technology retards our natural evolution, but that's way too much for this posting), but there are pitfalls. We haven't seen the commitment from users to do the simple things to them and their information safe from the online world. We're not espousing anything here - right now - but thought this was a good reminder "let's be careful out there." (Thank you, Sgt. Esterhaus.)

"Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence." Abigail Adams


March 05, 2010

For all the bad press it gets, the feds do a damn good job on our national security. It's not an easy job (not to mention thankless), so I've always be a proponent of latitude when it comes to securing the nation.

That said, latest suggestion by Homeland Security to expand it's Einstein networking monitoring to "vital" private networks doesn't fall into my comfort zone. Einstein is a somewhat nebulous system that is designed to identify and prevent electronic attacks on the government's technology infrastructure. Homeland is now floating the idea of expanding this service into private networks.

"Einstein" on Private Networks?

I see the logic behind the suggestion but not necessarily the benefit that would justify such a precariously balanced relationship. As it stands now, private networks are some of the best-built, best-support technology environments in the world. I think they do fine on their own. This will be something that bears watching.


March 04, 2010

For those of you in the know - and that's an excellent club to be in - you have already marked March 9th on your calendars. For those of you not in the know, would you like to be? If so, subscribe to the Syzygy 3 Technology Today Newsletter using this link. Sign up and you too will be marking your calendars for the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

In advance of next week's much anticipated release, I wanted to touch on subject we'll highlight in the newsletter. Online privacy has become our cause celeb in 2010 and there is a situation in Pennsylvania that has taken our cause in a whole other direction. To get a head start on the newsletter, Google "Lower Merion school district."

It's an interesting case and right now, with the information we have, we come down firm on the side of the student. Technology is an amazing tool; but this case just goes to show how easily it can be abused.

See you on the 9th with more.