August 27, 2009

This is more of a rant than an informative posting.

We don't always know why computers start working at a snails pace, or an e-mail doesn't reach its intended recipient, or your printer malfunctions just before you print the big presentation. Sometimes, stuff happens. Computers - especially the software - are infinitely complex, illogical, and secretive machines. Their true inner workings are not totally known by any sentient being (at least those with whom I've conversed); a lot of what is built is "supposed" to work as you would think, but it doesn't always. Why is that? No one knows.

It'll be a few more generations before we begrudgingly accept the flaws inherent in any technology produced by mankind (we're all error-prone), but for right now, we'll continue the good fight to resolve the issues that arise on a daily basis and patiently explain that we don't know why your printer is eating your marketing materials.


August 13, 2009

Syzygy 3 in on Twitter but we're not really effective with it as of yet. If anyone has some relevant b-to-b Twittering device we're all ears; post your recommendations on our page @Syzygy3.

So, it's been a rather unremarkable couple of weeks. Finally saw "The Hurt Locker" - good, not great. Definitely created tension but you got the sense of how things would turn out. Jeremy Renner was good (he played a detective on sorely missed "The Unusuals"). Tickets are in the pocket for "District 9" tomorrow - movie I've most anticipated all summer.

Titans and Bills on a 100-yard field was a site for sore eyes (especially the throwback unis). Niners kick off the Singletary era tomorrow (vs. Denver). QB is the spot I'm watching most (WR and DE next). I'd let Crabtree hold to his threat of sitting out the entire year.

While the Phils are driving me nuts (swept at home?!), I keep reminding myself that this is the first year that they're the hunted and not the hunter. '07 & '08 were all the Mets snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. This is the year the Phils have the bulls eye on their back. Martinez was encouraging last night (if he stays healthy). Lee has been, so far, lights out (and thank you Francisco). Meyers is getting healthy (Charlie might have another pitching controversy if Lidge continues to falter). Moyer to the bullpen or as a spot starter (they have 2 doubleheaders in Sept.) is the absolute right move (Amaro gets major props for making himself the bad guy so Charlie can maintain his clubhouse chemistry). Why the bats - except for Rollins and Victorino - have gone so cold is a question I hope was answered by last night's barrage.

How's this for a short off season, the Flyers open training camp in a few weeks.

The Sixers are in for a long season.

"The House on the Strand" by Dame Daphne du Maurier is a good read. The tension builds slowly - the idyllic locations just add to the foreboding - but the payoff is worth the read. Dame Daphne also wrote "The Birds" - which is an incredible short story and just as good as Hitchcock's movie (actually has a better ending).

Check out It's a site that streams live music from nightclubs around the world. This is my first listen and it's pretty good - variety could be better but I'm sure that'll grow as the site gains popularity. Great way to keep the music going at work.

"We all learn by experience but some of us have to go to summer school." Peter De Vries


August 06, 2009

As more and more applications move to the web (Google Apps, Microsoft Live, etc.), it's becoming less necessary to have all your applications installed on a computer (desktop or laptop). This is great news for the mobile PC user, which is why netbooks have taken off. But what is a netbook?

A good definition is given here; I would also go over to Amazon or other online retailers and search for netbooks. You can also check out Walt Mossberg's latest netbook review (a Toshiba) device here (stick w/ the video, he's a little dry in this one).

The primary advantage of a netbook is mobility. It's portable, still runs an operating system so you can download any browser you choose (Microsoft will offer Windows 7 upon its release on netbooks), and has enough power for you to do almost anything. Downsides include limited hard drive space (at the moment), smaller keyboard (people like me will have cramped fingers after typing), and not all applications are available on the web. Still, it's worth checking out if you are a simple PC user.


August 01, 2009

Hey there faithful readers... as you've undoubtedly read I am happily tied to a fighting machine (affectionately known in these parts as the Brawling Brunette). Well, I can now say that I'm also living with a cover girl (how many of you can say that?).

Check out this month's feature (and requisite hot shots) at: Employee Benefit Adviser. Scroll about half way down until you see "Current Issue" with a fighter on the front.