September 18, 2008

Wow.  What else can you say?  It's been a dramatic week for the nation's economy.  Opinions abound on the topic - who's to blame, how to handle it, which of candidates can lead the rebound best.  Regardless of opinions, the fact remains that life isn't slowing down.  You have a business to run, and whether you've been directly or indirectly impacted by the recent (or not at all), you will have decisions to make.  From our perspective the big question is what to do with your technology.

Easiest answer is to not do anything - and in most instances we won't disagree.  Unless you were in the midst of a major technology project, or your old equipment is running on fumes, or you're experiencing serious issues with the current infrastructure, we suggest maintaining the status quo.  The old adage, "cash is king," is especially true in uncertain times.  We're advising clients to focus their resources on mainting what isn't broke, and fixing what can be fixed (with minimal investment).

For those who do need to spend on technology, we're advising a cautious staged approach.  Even those in the midst of a major technology upgrade and refresh, we're working with them to ensure their budgets are still in line with their revenue forecasts and that proceeding will not negatively impact the firm.  While we're not financial advisors we are cognizant of the fact that our clients' businesses are what drive their technology - no business no client.

September 10, 2008

To paraphrase Mike Myers... "If they're not 49ers, they're crap!" That said, Brady and Merriman in the same week is thoroughly disappointing (though Merriman shouldn't have taken this long to wise up). Not only changes the dynamic of the AFC race, kinda takes some of the air out of the season. Best against the best - that's always what I want in any sporting event. Unless Cassel does the '01 Brady thing, NE/Indy won't have the same resonance.

Speaking of crap... 5 TURNOVERS?! And what's with the defense deciding they wanted to hog the field the whole game? Even if the 49ers win the SB, that performance alone sealed Nolan's fate in my eyes - unemployed at year's end (or the bye week depending on how bad it really is). Singletary should get a shot - though he's been with this group for 4 years and his legendary intensity haven't rubbed off.

'08 Phils meet the '07 Mets. I know, 2 1/2 games is 4 1/2 games less than last year, but you can just see the magic slipping away. Utley up with men on 2nd and 3rd, 2 outs. Last year he rips a single to right to tie the game. This year? Pops out to short in foul territory. I have confidence in them but I also feel my gut wrenching...

Roger Federer is in the top 3 of GOAT tennis players. He just wanted this Open so bad to prove everyone wrong. Just wish there were a couple great serve and volley players out there to really put him and Nadal to the test (Sampras in prime; Edberg or Becker). Neither face that kind of unrelenting pressure to make the passing shot - would be fun to see.

Serena and Venus. Venus and Serena. Take your pick but they're 1 and 1a in the world. Only their mental states prevent either of them from winning every tournament they enter. To see them against Navratilova in her prime would have been special.

TV is back - lots of hours of TIVO. Just in time, upcoming slate of new movies doesn't really impress.

Joss Whedon... Google him. Everything he produces is golden. Really is one of the true creative geniuses we have in today's entertainment.

Uh Huh Her - good debut, very poppy with some great hooks. Slipknot - bit repetitive but still a solid metal album. Duffy - not as consistently good as Amy Winehouse's two albums but has her moments. Little nervous about the new Metallica - singles are uninspiring.

If the world is going to end I think the Large Hadron Collider would be a cool way to do so (mankind creates a black hole and then goes kaput). Then again, if we don't disappear just think of the potential answers and benefits? The possibilities are truly mind boggling.

Read "Dilbert" everyday - scariest read you'll have because it's so true.

As Pat Tillman said, "Challenge yourself."


September 04, 2008

It could be the realization that summer is over (unofficially) or that lessons of the past have been forgotten so quickly... but come on people, stop clicking on attachments and pop up messages that you are not 100% sure are legitimate!

It's been a busy week here at world headquarters cleaning up (actually re-building) machines because users blithely clicked on attachments that basically read "Hey you, this is a virus.  Click here."  I have even more respect for parents because it's like talking to a teenager - lesson in one ear and right out the other (gets rattled around a bit with the perfunctory head bob).

The Internet is a free-for-all and not everyone has honorable intentions (a teenage analogy would work here, too).  Unless you're absolutely sure the site your visiting or the e-mail you received is valid, delete/ignore/run away from it.  It's far cheaper and less time-consuming to do that then to re-build your machine.

So, we're back in action.  Summer was good - hoping fall and winter will be even better.  It's about 60 days to the election and whoever wins will make history (let's hope some good decisions, too).  The NFL season kicks off tonight (no real feel for the 49ers this year but as always, I'm hopeful).  Not so confident in the Phillies (drop 2 of 3 to the Nats?!) but again, I won't fully deflate until they're officially eliminated.  NHL camps open in a couple weeks and the 76ers just might have found the right mix to be a legit contender.

Listen to Sam Sparro, read "The Road," and see "The Dark Knight" on IMAX at least once.