August 14, 2008

It's mornings like this one that make me question why I'm a sports fan (and my sanity). With the division lead at stake the Phils choke a 5-run lead and lose on a homer by Nomar?! Come on already!

To make matters worse, the 49ers are calling me to audition at quarterback. They figure I can't do any worse than Smith, O'Sullivan, and Hill have already done. With that defense (at least on paper), a marginally good offense will help them win 8 games.

Hockey camps open in a month - can't wait to be brutalized by the Flyers, too.

The famous poster of Mark Spitz and his 7 gold medals (and patriotic Speedo) used to hang on the back of my door. While he's still a hero, I bow before the gold podium of Phelps at the moment. He's on pace to do what Spitz did - win gold in every event and set a world record in every event. Impressive.

If there is one thing the Olympics has demonstrated clearly - greatness is not a right. It is a byproduct of incredible talent, unerring dedication, and plain old hard work. There are many who need to learn that lesson.

The movies were excellent, but Jason Bourne must be experienced on the pages as Robert Ludlum designed. Remember, the books hit in the early to mid 1980's, so the back story is much different, as is the character. Plus, you cannot beat Ludlum for intricate plotting meshing with action-violence.

The legend of "Chinese Democracy" has dimmed with all the recent false release dates and failed tours by the latest Axl and GnR creation, doesn't mean the stuff they did produce wasn't brilliant. At 5:30am there is nothing better to my legs pumping on the treadmill then the opening whistle on "Paradise City."

"Tropic Thunder" was funny in parts but not consistently laugh-out-loud. Downey, Jr. is on a role and was hysterical (Ben Stiller, not so much). Danny McBride proved "The Foot Fist Way" wasn't a fluke; he's going to be Will Ferrell, part 2.  (Update: I also have to give high praise to the couch dancer - aka, Tom Cruise.  He actually steals parts of the movie.)

See y'all in September.

August 07, 2008

For the past couple of months one of my business partners, Cameron Niles, has been featured in a few articles regarding technology issues facing small- and mid-sized businesses. You can find the articles on the Syzygy 3 media page ( but this week I want to make it easier for you to find those pieces. So the links are below.

"Speed Up Security"

"E-mail Encryption Showdown"

"Server Snafus"

P.S. We're taking a break after next week's Random Musings post to enjoy some of this soupy NYC weather. We will return after Labor Day with new technology posts (and NFL predictions). Enjoy the rest of your August.