August 20, 2015

Let’s say you’re in the business of selling widgets.  Your widget company relies on marketing a great product, offering affordable prices, and providing unbeatable customer support.  These are all things your customer sees up front, in your store and on your website.  These are what keep them coming back for more widgets!

What the customer doesn’t see, however, is the multi-layered IT system you rely on to run your business.  The in-house engineering team uses complex design programs to create your widgets.  The dispatchers call up online orders and use sophisticated tracking software to deliver widgets to doorsteps around the country.  Even the executives – YOU! – utilize cloud-based CRM tools to mine a database of existing customers and potential prospects.

Now image all that technology suddenly disappears (aka crashes).  What your customers don’t see has a direct impact on what they can see, order, and receive.  How quickly your IT returns to full functionality determines just how big an impact that outage has on your business.

Here are 3 key reasons why all small businesses (and even the biggest widget vendor!) need solid IT support:

Opportunity cost
Sure you could maybe, possibly, probably figure out any number of IT issues that arise on a day to day basis.  If unplugging and rebooting doesn’t work, you can always spend time (hours) Googling the potential resolution, right?  In reality, what takes you a business day to figure out, a knowledgeable IT professional will likely resolve in far less time.  So, not only is your technology up and running, but you have available time to actually work on improving your business.  (Plus, you have reduced your frustration level by a magnitude of 50.  Made up number.)  You may think being your company’s IT support is saving you money, but in reality, you’re missing out on opportunities that will be way more valuable to your business in the long run.

IT can build and repair
A solid IT resource will patch up any issues that you encounter unexpectedly.  If it’s a matter of resetting a password or installing the latest security update, they can do so remotely and get your IT back on track without missing a beat.  They will know how to return to lingering issues at a later time and make a better fix.  More so, the best IT resources build systems to minimize your downtime or provide ready recoveries from those inevitable issues.

They know more.  Period.
Remember this proven fact of the IT world: a professional who eats, sleeps, and breathes technology simply knows more than those who dabble.  You wouldn’t hire a lawyer to perform heart surgery, just as you wouldn’t hire a doctor to defend you in court.  They’re called experts for a reason.  A solid IT resource is your company’s general practitioner.  You rely on them to help keep your technology healthy, and when it’s sick, to provide a reliable cure.  It’s what they do.

Your widget company – every company – needs stellar IT support now.  Check out previous postings about how to pick a solid provider and maintain that relationship.  Your technology is a vital element of your business, treat it as such.